Ashridge Nursery is very proud to have received another good OFSTED report following our last inspection in November 2017.

OFSTED is the Office for Standards in Education, a government department that carries out inspections of childcare facilities every 1-4 years to ensure that the staff and premises provide a suitable standard of care for children. Inspectors check against 14 National Care Standards.

Our staff have continued to provide high quality care since our previous inspection in February 2015, and have received a very positive report praising their contribution.

OFSTED’s judgement for each of the key areas was GOOD and that the overall rating for the inspection was also GOOD. This means that we are consistently delivering above the minimum requirements set by OFSTED.

We would like to highlight some of the comments made within each area of the report regarding our effectiveness.

The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children

“Staff form good relationships with children, helping them feel happy, safe and secure………They encourage children to resolve conflict for themselves and to share and take turns.………Staff encourage children to eat healthily.”

Protecting children from harm and helping them stay safe

“They encourage children to resolve conflict for themselves and to share and take turns. They remind children when not to run and to generally take care, helping them to recognise dangers and to adapt their behaviours accordingly..”

Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do

“Staff understand how children learn and monitor their learning and development effectively. They provide children with a broad range of experiences. Children enjoy interacting with other children and with staff, and are growing in confidence …. Children enjoy dancing and carrying out actions to songs and rhymes…. Children have good opportunities to speak and to be heard. Staff listen intently to children and ask questions that encourage mathematical thinking and support children to recognise similarities and differences.”

Organisation & Support

” All children have an allocated key person and their learning is regularly assessed. Staff and committee members are all checked to make sure they are suitable to work with children and have good opportunities to update training and attend meetings. There are robust systems for self-evaluation and staff supervision. As a result, staff make good use of their skills and knowledge to help children progress well. Activities are reviewed daily and changes are made to improve services for children and families. Staff encourage parents to complete questionnaires and children take a ‘travelling ted’ home to share their adventures with. Staff effectively work with families and other professionals to make sure children receive the support they need.”

We are very proud of our staff for achieving this high standard of inspection.

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