CIO Transfer Ballot

The current Ashridge Nursery Parents Association Constitution dates back to the formation of the Nursery in 1980. The Constitution has served us well for many years but is sadly now far short of what is required from the governing document of a modern charity.

Your Committee has registered a new Charity with the Charity Commission. It is called Ashridge Nursery CIO or Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The Constitution of the CIO is largely based on the recommended model Constitution produced by the Charity Commission which has been modified to reflect the particular circumstances of Ashridge Nursery today as well as going forward into the future.

You can read the constitution documents here:

The Committee proposes to transfer all assets and contracts from the Parents Association to the CIO as soon as practicable after certain legal hurdles have been overcome. Some months after the transfer, when we can be certain no further claims will be made on the Parents Association, we propose to ask the Charity Commission to dissolve Ashridge Nursery Parents Association and remove it from the register of charities.

Moving to the CIO will not change the ethos of the Nursery. There are no plans to change anything in the way the Nursery operates because of the formation of the CIO.

Even though we do not expect there to be any effect on day to day running, closing the Parents Association and transferring to the CIO is a significant legal event in the life of the Nursery for which permission of the Members is required. To this end all member will receive a ballot paper which invites you to agree or disagree with 2 motions.

Please complete the forms and place them in the sealed box which will be placed at the entrance to the Nursery. Should you wish to send your ballot paper by post then please address it to “CIO” at the Nursery’s address. Envelopes will be placed unopened in the box. The ballot is completely confidential.

The ballot will be closed at 1pm on Friday 15th December. We hope to open the box and count the votes on Saturday 16th December.

Should members have any questions related to the change then please do email and we will respond as soon as we can.

Some Questions and Answers which are intended to provide further clarification are available here.