Typical Session

Greeting Time

The children are welcomed at the door and after self registration, then sit on the carpet for a story and registration. The weather, day and date are discussed at this time and the children are introduced to the day’s activities. Any special news may also be shared.

Small Group Time

During this time the children work in small groups, with their Key-person or Key-person Buddy. They are offered an experience or activity planned to extend their individual needs in one of the 7 areas of learning from the Early Years Framework.

Free Play

The children are free to choose whether they are inside or outside during this time, and can choose from the wide range of resources that we have available. These include:

Sand and Water
Imaginative Play
Art and Craft
Construction Toys
Small World Toys
Maths Activities
Science and Technology
Mark making Activities
Physical Play

Both indoor and outdoor play reflects the areas of learning and so will focus on a different range of activities each week. During this time the staff will be working with the children in order to stimulate their thinking, develop their language and mathematical skills and encourage problem solving. Towards the end of this session all children are encouraged to help with the tidying up.

During Free Play we have Snack Time. When the children are ready to have their snack they are encouraged to use the toilets and wash their hands. Each child is offered a drink, either milk or water, and snacks, such as, a piece of fruit or vegetable currently in season, or a bread stick or cube of cheese. The children are supported to pour their own drinks and cut their own snack.

Music Time

The children have the opportunity to take part in singing phonics, and experience a range of musical, dance and drama activities.

Story Time

In age and stage appropriate groups, the children will share stories using books, CD’s, puppets and props.


The children are then encouraged to put on their own coats before going home.

The most important aspect of your child’s years at Ashridge Nursery is that they should be happy and secure within the nursery environment.