Ashridge Nursery Setting

The Grounds

The Nursery grounds are fully enclosed within the grounds of Keep Hatch Primary School site. Entrance to the grounds is gained via a wooden gate. We have just completed a large renovation project which has enhanced the gardens with new climbing equipment and astro-turf.

There is a large area with a road to the front of the building, for riding bicycles, and sit and ride cars and toys. This is also ideal for the use of balls, hoops, beanbags, etc. Our new planting area will soon be completed and the children will be able to grow flowers and vegetables.


We have a new mud kitchen, construction area and house for the children to explore too.

Our stage, bridge, large sandpit and balancing beams give the children physical and imaginative play opportunities.

We will be working on a nature garden space at the back of the building throughout the summer, and will update you with pictures once it is complete. The children will be able to hunt for bugs and learn about nature in this specially designed area. We are very excited about our new garden areas.

Entrance to the Nursery is gained by either steps or a ramp, making the building accessible for wheelchairs.  Access to the Nursery is by a door-entry system, providing a secure environment for the children.

The Building

Ashridge Nursery’s building was originally constructed in 1999 and refurbished in 2020.  There are two large rooms, separated by a partition wall.  One is used for ‘messy’ play such as water, sand and creative activities.  The other room is used for imaginative, constructive and table top activities. A computer and printer for the children’s use is also available in this room. Both areas provide many opportunities for language and mathematical development and investigative play.  There is also a small ‘quiet’ area, which is well resourced with both story and factual books.  A listening centre provides the opportunity for taped songs, stories and games.