Welcome to Ashridge Nursery

The nursery buildingAshridge Nursery is an independent setting located on the site of Keep Hatch Primary School, Wokingham. Our aim is to provide a safe and fun environment in which your child can learn through play. We offer:

  • Places for children aged 3 to 5 years.
  • 3 hour sessions, available morning or afternoon, Monday to Friday during school term times.
  • An opportunity for your child to attend all day using a morning and an afternoon session with lunch club (subject to availability)
  • Funded Session Options available: Up to 15 hours (Universal Entitlement) and up to 30 hours (Extended Entitlement for Working Parents) subject to eligibility and availability.
  • A Lunch Club (£5.00 per day), each day.
  • For full details of our session times and session combinations please see our Ashridge Nursery Offering document (PDF).
  • Due to a recent fire at the nursery we are currently offering sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at our temporary venue. We hope to be back in our own building very soon.

Find us at:

Ashridge Nursery
C/O The Brambles Childrens Centre
RG40 1PX

Call us on: 0118 977 5878

Alternatively you can call Mrs Gunter: 07570 579063 or Miss Gardner: 07944 589994

Email us at: ashridgenursery@btinternet.com